May 2, 2017

A simple invitation to a group of youth in BistekVille2 to attend  Youth Worship Services in Victory Novaliches opens door to an outreach activity. BistekVille2 has become the focus of the outreach program of Victory Novaliches this May.

What is BistekVille 2?  This is a housing community project which occupies a 4.8-hectare lot in Barangay Kaligayahan, Novaliches. This is Mayor Herbert Bautista’s administration’s continuing effort to adopt a meaningful development plan to provide more liveable communities for QC residents, especially informal settlers living in danger areas such as sidewalks, roadways, waterways, under transmission lines and on water pipelines. As well as public school teachers and government employees.  It is for this reason that  Deborah Lumido, a member of Victory Novaliches , is a qualified beneficiary and a current resident here.

Responding to the mission of the church to “Honor God and make disciples”, Deborah together with her daughter Sharon boldly engages the people in their community by developing friendly relationship and ultimately sharing the gospel with them.

Following is Deborah’s narration on how a simple invitation leads to an outreach program in BistekVille2.

“It all started when I, together with my teenage daughter Sharon’s friends, attended for the first time the Youth Worship Service in Victory Nova. I inquired from a campus missionary, June Iglesias, if they could attend the service despite their religious differences.  After attending for two consecutive Fridays I approached Evelyn Lorca, also a campus missionary to seek help and support for these youth to be able to attend worship service regularly. Evelyn, nevertheless, saw the need to reach out to the young people of Bistek Ville. 

When Ptr. Richard (Victory Nova senior pastor) and his wife Brenda learned about our initiatives for the youth of Bistek Ville2, they too commit to help us disciple them by launching the EN Life seminar right in our community. We are truly happy about it, for it is God’s answer to what we have long been praying for, that God be revealed in the hearts of our youth, and the confusion about their conviction be cleared out.

My passion in reaching out the young people must have started years ago, when my brother Arch. Saji A. Lumido was still staying as house caretaker to our mom Rosalie’s house here in Bistek Ville2. As his long been desire to serve God, he opened the house to conduct bible study for the kids, wherein our mother bought bibles for them. After 3 years, my brother (who now attends Victory Fort together with his family) moved out of the house and we moved it. The children whom he used to disciple are now in their adolescence. Because of the request of these young people, plus the prayer of my Victory Group and constant reminders from the preaching in the church to reach out, I decided to continue what my brother has started. Eventually I started inviting these young people to attend to the Youth Worship Service.”

Ptr. Aldrin Oliva, Evelyn Lorca and Jun Iglesias lead the campus missionaries and youth leaders of Victory Nova in spearheading the program. After its promotions in April, 2017, the EN LIFE Seminar was officially launched on Tuesday morning of May 2, 2017, from 8am- 12nn.  From then on, several volunteers take turns every Tuesday to render their services and to support this endeavour.

The Seminar aims to teach what LIFE stands for, Leadership, Integrity, Faith and Excellence to the young people and families of Bistek Ville2. It is designed to run for five Tuesdays of May.

Deborah and daughter Sharon, together with all the leaders, campus missionaries and volunteers’, endeavours to engage the Bistek Ville community is  one remarkable respond to the rallying cry of 2017 Discipleship Conference “Engage”…”be the SALT of the earth”  (Matthew 5:13).

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  • deborah lumido
    on August 6, 2017 Reply

    Thank you for reaching us at Bistek ville2.. Stay blessed.

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