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[ENGAGE Challenge] Bistekville

May 29, 2017 by in category Blog, Discipleship, Stories

A simple invitation to a group of youth in BistekVille2 to attend Youth Worship Services in Victory Novaliches opens door to an outreach activity. BistekVille2 has become the focus of the outreach program of Victory Novaliches this May.

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Welcome Home

May 29, 2017 by in category Blog, Stories

For most people living in the countryside, their time is dependent on the rising and setting of the sun. You will find them chasing their farm animals as early as dawn – before the sun rises. In the same way at dusk, even before the sun sets you will see them closing their windows, finishing their dinner, and saying, “its bedtime.” At around 7’oclock in the evening you will see the whole community a paradise of solitude and quietness.

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